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How to Enter Graduates Data?

Follow the steps to enter graduates data using TEVTA Online Web Portal.


1)   In the left menu click Graduates Data Entry to open the data entry form.
Graduates Data Entry Form

2)   The entry from is shown above.

3)   First of all you have to select/provide some values about the examination conducted as Trade, Board/Univ., Year and Total Marks.
Select Exam Details

4)   On each selection, the data in View Graduates section will be loaded accondingly. All Previous entries of selected Trade, Board/Univ., Year and Total Marks will be loaded automatically, as shown below.

View Graduates

These are some dummy data entries, shown above.

5)   Edit button edit can be used to fix any typing mistakes after the recoed has been saved. The selected record will be loaded in a Add / Edit Graduates section, shown below.

Add Edit Graduates

6)   Provide/update graduates data here and press Save to save the changes to database or press Cancel or Add New to clear all the fields and cancel saving data.